My Services

Creative Style

I come up with creative techniques designed to website has fulfilled the purpose for which it was created.

Strategic Thinking

When creating new web design is important thinking about how to reach new customers, increase sales of goods and provide necessary information to users.

Mutual Partnership

Web designer are not interested only in making the required task, but should also take care of your problems and needs. Thats why I work with my client to create his success and propose new solutions that can help him.

Sincerity In Communication

I am honest, I am not being afraid to share my expertise and discuss all the pros and cons.

Openness To Criticism

I am not afraid to accept criticism of my work. It motivate me to avoid previous mistakes and to even better work on other projects.

Pushing The Boundaries Of My Creation

I am willing to plunge into full production and I am able to do new dimensions of my work.



Logo creation and website for design and developement company.



Logo creation and website for
real estate company.



Logo creation and website for greenery
maintenance company.


About Me

My name is Kate Pelantova and I’m web designer.

I have many experiences with creating design for company websites of small to medium businesses in US & UK. Now I’m working as a freelance web designer and helping my clients create an amazing user experience on desktop & mobile web.

I like for you to design a site, create a logo and much more. My goal is to be attractive and functional design, so discuss with you every detail, to understand you and your customers, and accordingly formed.

Let’s consult details of your new website. I available for consultation.

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